E. Mur Sherman Hayman


THE FINAL FRONTIER (2006 – 2009)

...death- the undiscover’d country, from whose bourne No traveler returns... Shakespeare (Hamlet)

THE FINAL FRONTIER is the overall title of a collection of a series investigating, in a visually acute and sometimes humorous manner, mortality.

Nevertheless, people today, especially in Western nations, are out of touch with the process of death and dying. Indeed, death in the 20th and 21st centuries is treated much as sex was in the 19th century - avoided in speech or spoken of in euphemisms, hidden, codified, and protected with rituals and taboos.

The first series in THE FINAL FRONTIER - LATE - is a group of small carved wooden coffins, highly painted and decorated, to commemorate some favorite illustrious people from the past.

The next six works in THE FINAL FRONTIER are mixed media wall pieces, which continue the exploration of cultural artifacts and history of death customs.

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