E. Mur Sherman Hayman



What does the concept of HOME mean?

It’s our shelter, our investment, our asylum, our nest, the repository of all of our stuff….

It can be a prison, literally or figuratively.

It’s an archive of our history, or perhaps just a temporary space, someplace we had no say in choosing……

It has aspects both architectural and design-y, personal and sentimental. It’s our own private hidey-hole, or the center of our social networking……..

And there are endless iterations:::::::: House. Apartment. Cabin……..tent……….RV……..boat…..

After many decades, my partner and I found ourselves (almost accidentally) downsizing from a four-story townhouse in Philadelphia into a condo in a modern high-rise. Adjustments did not come easily, but were tempered by having enormous windows overlooking the city - East, South, and Southwest. The sky! The lights! The clouds!

Is this home?


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