2022- 2023
sgraffito and mixed media on museum board on canvas
36" x 48"



When the massacre in Uvalde Texas happened (May 24, 2022:::::21 dead; 18 injured), I found myself once again pushed to the edge of hopelessness, overwhelmed by nausea every time I heard the feeble words “thoughts and prayers”.

Aside from donations to groups fighting for gun legislation, I felt helpless…….and ended up dealing with that paralyzing/pathetic feeling by starting a large mixed media piece commemorating all the places in this country that have endured mass shootings, beginning with Columbine (April 20, 1999:::::::13 dead, 24 injured)

During the initial two weeks of sketches, notes, and data-gathering, the Highland Park massacre happened (July 4, 2022:::::::::7 dead, 48 injured).

I expanded my list.

During the nine months I worked on HOW. MANY. MORE, literally hundreds of mass shootings occurred. I had recurring nightmares of having to enlarge my piece to include each new horrendous slaughter - a canvas that kept spooling and spooling and spooling out of control........

I have been doing artwork about American gun violence ever since the early ‘90s; one morning while reading the Philadelphia Inquirer, I noticed that nearly every day there would be a teeny little story, buried in the back pages, about some unimaginable shooting:::::: a teenager killed for his sun glasses, two young men killed leaving a movie, and on and on. WHY, I asked myself, do we not rise up as a nation , and go screaming down our streets begging for some kind of help?

Thirty years later, and even with increased national awareness of this national sickness, I am still asking the same question…….


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