Composing in series, and often series within series, all of my projects from the past few decades have dealt with social issues, and more recently have embraced text as both content and image.:

  • violence in America, particularly gun violence (HOW. MANY. MORE., TOKENS, PRECIS, HARBINGERS AND HERALDS, AMERICAN PIE, EIKONS)

  • the interior lives of artists (DESIDERATUM)

  • odd courting and mating habits in the animal kingdom that sometimes echo our own (RE:PRODUCTION – Portraits)

  • the dysfunction of todays politics seen through an historical perspective (WHEEL, DEAL, STEAL, THEN SPIN)

  • death – it’s customs, euphemisms, architecture (THE FINAL FRONTIER)

  • profiling and identity (The MARK Portraits)

  • the beauty and horror of antique medical instruments (FUNKED/DEFUNCT)


.....quand je me heurte à quelque chose que je ne puis changer, que je ne peux résoudre, que je ne peux redresser, je l'élimine. Je l'évacue dans un livre. Après je ne suis plus oppressé. Je dors mieux."

—Romain GARY, "Chien Blanc"