E. Mur Sherman Hayman



WHEEL, DEAL, STEAL, THEN SPIN is a series of small narrative Sgraffito and mixed media pieces with a specific political bent.
Employing a combination of painting, drawing, and collaged elements – images from old engravings and early 20thc. photographs – each of the 10 wooden panels satirizes rant-worthy political maneuvers.

Taking an historical perspective, which also illuminates the contemporary landscape, the panels focus on:
- Early efforts to pass child labor laws (“Les Enfants Terribles”)
- Little-known facts about the founding of our nation (“Did Ya’ Know?” and “Did Ya’ Also Know?”)
- Interesting views on class, money, and power (“Nabobery”)
- Misinformation and manipulation (“A Tea Party”)
- Avoidance and disregard of early warnings about pollution, smoking, terrorism, and other woes (“Connecting the Dots”)
- Elections, taxation, and government-corporate bonding (“Nothing But The Truth”)
- The democratic process, Congress, and politicians (“As The World Turns”)
- The Supreme Court (“JurisIMprudence”)
- Government-sponsored unethical medical experiments (“Theraputrid”)
- L’Amére-EEK! - is the centerpiece of the series - it transforms our Stars and Stripes into an iconic flag whose stripes unravel and twist, and incorporates political content in the form of historical quotations and factoids.

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